Glass Bottle Smoothing Pads for Self-Made Beer Glasses

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“Picked up one of these to go with my passion of brewing my own beer. Turned out great! I have a great collection of glasses and the best part is anytime I want to give someone a gift I just drink a beer and make them a glass in 10 minutes haha! It's a win-win.” - Jacob Pettit★★★★★


These grinding pads are used to smooth out and polish glass bottle edges created with our amazing bottle cutter to make your own beer drinking glasses or vases. They come in 2 types of grits to give you a perfectly polished and smooth drinking surface for your new beer glass collection.

The DIY bottle cutter is a great for anyone that loves putting those beers to good use or for those creative types that like planning events (they make great vases for theme parties). As easily as the video shows, creating you own glasses can be done in minutes and they look great. You're always 1 bottle away from giving the perfect give to a friend. So sit back, kick off your shoes, and drink a cold is about to get more interesting.

*NOTE: The grinding pads received will be different colors from each other and will be labeled with their grit number so you can easily tell them apart.*




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